academic room1 art and craft time2 art-work-of kids3 circle time4 kid-learn-to create-things5 free play time6 helping-hand7 kids organize theair stuff-game tool8 kids interact with trainer & helper9 inside-weelearn10 kids-at-weelearn11 kids are engaged with act12 kids-are busy to do and learn13 learning-tool14 kids-involve-with story-telling15 play-learn-what-kids-do16 sand play17 team-approch18 team-training19 Team-training-with smile20 todlers-game21 train-the trainer22 trainer23 weelearn-act24 weelearn-certificate25 weelearn-place26 weelearn-place-well -organized27 Weelearn-team-group-photos28 work-of-kid29 by v6.4

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