WeeLearn Philosophy & Goals

WeeLearn exceeds all day care regulation as set out in day nurseries Act. WeeLearn carefully screens each provider.
This includes verification of ID, an in home interview, personnel, business reference, criminal reference check, a site safety check, fire evacuation plan & medical immmunization record on each family member. All providers go through an initial training session to ensure that they are aware of thec required regulation and procedures. Such as unannounced monthly home visit by the qualified our staff, backup service for the days their provider is ill or in holiday leave & so on.
WeeLearn service is designed to respond to the needs of each child in care and based on the simple promise that private home day care is the most appropriate form of child care for infant and young children. The home environment combined with the small number of children offers the flexibility and personal attention that is needed to ensure that the schedule and activities to the individual development and well being by contributing ideas for program in the home, helping to monitor home and offering guidance to their providers in all areas of their child's development including learning skills, emotional development, personal hygiene and more.
Wee learn aim to promote a positive attitude towards childcare as well as the professional image of provider and believe that caring for children other than one's own. The parents and providers work together to achieve their goal to provide the best care possible for the children.