Child Care
::Program Statement:: 
 WeeLearn offers a variety of programs resources areas of development. They are as follows :
1. Fine Motor - Finger plays, Sing a song, eye and hand coordination.
2. Gross motor - Large muscle development (door play, playground equipment, climbing, running and jumping).
3. Cognitive - Language, Reading, writing, Rereading (Puzzles, colour game, picture book).
4. Social - Manners, cooperation, self-help ( food preparation and clean up, music game, group play)
5. Language - Self expression, Rereading, creative expression ( repetition of child action leading to discussion, story telling books or imaginative stories).
6. Creative - Social skills, language development, imagination ( delft feeding, sand and water play, painting and pasting ). Sensory - Social skill, cooperation, manners ( finger painting, play dough, sand and water play).