From 3 to over 50 children proudly

Since 2010, Wee Learn is an exclusive child day care centre in Bangladesh, under the auspice of the WeeLearn Program, practised throughout Canada. WeeLearn offer childcare to children, from infancy through to 8 years with customized curriculum based learning services.

The Wee Learn program is designed to meet the specific learning needs of each child enrolled. The integrated program provides flexibility for each child to participate at his/her own curiosity and encourages children to observe, think, take decision and solve problems.

Our services also include:

1. Child psychologist for special needs kids

2. Child development curriculum (child behavior, delayed speech in babies etc.)

3. Emergency care for the infants and toddlers

4. Pediatrician

5. Activity packs designed to help you organize your child’s special events & birthday parties

6. Babysitting course and day care management

7. Backup and occasional care for children (keep kids safe during holiday breaks...)

8. Parental guide from our ECD expert & child psychologist

*We understand the necessities of a child and provide with the best support and logistics to enable better grooming.



Providers and management at Wee Learn Ltd day care centre strive

to support and inspire children,

  • To promote the positive development of independence,

  • Self reliance,

  • Self discipline,

  • Social communication skills,

  • Cognitive  and creative skills,

  • Sound health and nutrition.


Our home-based setting with Home based providers make the perfect place for children to play, laugh and discover.