Now is the time to start a Home Day Care

As we see a continued downturn in the economy, the prospect of starting a home day care is becoming a greater reality. More mothers find themselves without a job & staying home with their child. More families are finding a parent at home and the possibility of generating a secondary income from a home day care business. Over 11 million children under age of five are in some form of child care settling a portion of the week. The average preschool aged child spends 36 hours a week in a preschool or in non parental care.
The WeeLearn  system is designed to ensure the highest quality care for children in a private home environment. WeeLearn promotes a positive attitude towards child care and the professional image of Providers. 

WeeLearn is committed to provide you with ongoing support and recognition as you supply this greatly needed community service. When you work with WeeLearn, you can be proud you are the best in the field.


  • Call the WeeLearn agency in your area and receive an application form to become a professional WeeLearn Provider. Cell: 01612821990 (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
  • All other inquiry email us with you information at